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Job Descriptions

Gear Foreman
Quality Control
Factory Foreman
Chief Engineer
Deck Hands

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Applications to work on our longline catcher processor vessels are accepted throughout the year and job openings are usually on short notice. All applications are kept on file and when there is a job available the qualified applicants are notified in the order that their applications were submitted.


Each of the following positions require an applicant to be physically fit, endure long hours (18 per day), be capable of heavy lifting, and intense physical labor. Generally the conditions are cold, wet, and noisy. Each applicant will be expected to work well with and respect other individuals on board the fishing vessel.

Hiring Process

All qualified applications must go through a 2-step hiring process:

Step #1:
Fill out an application
Attend an orientation meeting
Participate in an interview

Step #2:
Attend an in-person interview
Fill out a health questionnaire
Submit to a pre-employment drug test

After Hiring

Once hired for the job, you will be flown to the port at which the vessel is currently docked. Airfare to the vessel will be your expense. The company will advance the airfare to you and will deduct the cost from your first paycheck. The company will pay return airfare, upon completion of your 2nd contract to the designated point of hire. After you have completed a 3rd consecutive contract the company will refund your airfare from point of hire to the boat. Our points of hire are Seattle, Anchorage, Kodiak, and the Dillingham area. A contract consists of one trip, which averages approximately 30-45 days.

Generally, entry-level wages start at .50% of the catch. This averages about $5,000 to $6,000 gross per trip and is percentage performance related.

Items purchased at the Ship Store, advances, and airfare that is not covered by your contract will be deducted from your paycheck as well as room & board at $24.00 per day. Advancement in the company can happen quickly for those individuals who show the willingness and initiative to do so.

We hope this helps in giving you some idea of the conditions and responsibilities expected for the job you're applying for.